Tea tree oil

Today, to solve many health problems, the use of herbal medicines or natural solutions has fewer side effects compared to chemical medicines. Tea tree oil is one of the healthy alternatives for these purposes. Of course, don’t make a mistake! This oil is not obtained from the leaves of the second drink in the world, but from a tree called Melaleuca alternifolia. This extract obtained from leaves with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties is a unique and powerful solution for cleaning and even treating some diseases locally. It has become popular in the world even for beauty purposes.

However, what feature causes these properties in this extract? What are the different uses of this product? Don’t rush! In this article, in addition to clarifying the ambiguities, we will also answer these questions. Just stay with vajaro until the end.

Why is tea tree oil useful?

This vegetable oil, which is also known as Malaika oil, is extracted by steaming the leaves of the tree of the same name in Australia. It is believed that using it topically works like an antibacterial drug. The amazing uses of this product are mostly in the field of skin and hair. Therefore, tea tree oil is used as a raw material in many non-prescription cosmetic products such as soaps and lotions. Be careful that this oil is not edible and may cause serious side effects if swallowed. It is also interesting to know that research shows that this valuable solution is useful for all kinds of skin diseases. Because it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and disinfecting properties.

These properties make it useful for you, some of which are:

Removes acne, reduces redness, eliminates skin pores, improves secretions, and cleanses the skin;

skin radiance, reduction of dryness and flaking compared to benzoyl peroxide;

More cleanliness of hands, preventing the growth of viruses and bacteria such as influenza, and helping to hydrate more by adding a few drops to disinfectant solutions containing alcohol;

Preventing insect bites and improving mosquito bite sites;

removing dandruff, reducing excessive scalp fat, and relieving diseases of this organ by removing fungi;

Eliminating the bad smell of sweat and killing bad-smelling skin bacteria;

Burn relief heals burns like sunburn and relieves blisters;

Relieve itchy skin, and relieve itching caused by dryness with adequate hydration of tea tree oil.

Fight germs with tea oil!

The soothing scent of this product has made it even more useful in aromatherapy. Because it naturally has a good ability to strengthen the body’s immune system and fight infections. In addition, it reduces the feeling of stress and thus improves the disease. This feature will be useful for treating insomnia problems. Because it acts as a sleep aid by reducing the pains that cause insomnia. Its herbal aroma is also effective in increasing mood and mental clarity. On the other hand, its expectorant properties significantly help to relieve congestion and infections of the respiratory system.

Therefore, you can use tea tree oil as a non-toxic air freshener and disinfectant. Even smoking or inhaling a few drops of it in a bowl of hot steam is an effective remedy for sinus infections. So, now that you know the benefits of this product, get to know some simple ways to benefit from the properties of this product.

Making a spray that destroys bacteria with tea tree oil

With the help of this valuable oil product, it is possible to make an air spray for disinfection, the raw materials of which are very simple and include the following:

Tea tree oil: 4 drops;

Lemon essential oil: 4 drops;

Mint essential oil: 4 drops;

Eucalyptus essential oil: 4 drops.

For the oil and essential oils to be completely combined, it is better to add all of them to the 2 ml glass bottle first. Then roll the bottle between your hands to mix the oil. Finally, according to the instructions on the oil bottle, add it to the air sprays.

Special incense to cure colds!

To get rid of cramps and symptoms of flu or cold, in this section we will introduce you to the recipe with the help of this product. So remember the basic ingredients:

Tea tree oil: 4 drops;

Eucalyptus essential oil: 4 drops;

Vicks: 1 tablespoon.

First, clean the skin of the face completely. Then put 3 cups of water, which is better-distilled water, in a bowl or a resistant container, on the heat to boil. After this process, remove the container from the heat and let it cool for 5 minutes. Now add oil, essential oil, and vixen and mix.

Now you need to place the bowl in a fixed place and put a large bath towel over your head, shoulders, and bowl. Make sure that the face should be 25 to 30 cm away from the dish. Close your eyes completely; Because steam and oil may irritate the eyes.

Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth for 10 minutes. In the end, you will witness the miraculous effect of this tea tree oil incense in curing colds.

Tea oil, massage, and increase immunity

Local use of this oil helps to fight infections and increase body immunity by strengthening sweating and eliminating internal body toxins. This soothing product has the following benefits due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties:

pain reduction;

Bleeding inhibition;

eliminating wound bacteria and healing burns, bites, and cuts;

Relief of muscle pain associated with disease and arthritis.

Therefore, it is not bad to learn two attractive massage therapy strategies with the help of this oil:



Massage oil 1: strengthening the body’s immunity

You must have never heard that with the help of massage oil, it is possible to help strengthen the body’s immune system. Now that you understand, prepare the following ingredients to make this solution:

base vegetable oil (any oil of your choice such as coconut, olive, etc.): 120 ml;

Tea tree oil: 10 drops;

geranium essential oil: 10 drops;

Lemon essential oil: 8 drops;

Thyme essential oil: 8 drops;

Marmaki essential oil: 6 drops;

Lami essential oil: 5 drops.

Pour all the essential oils and oils except the base oil into a glass or dark plastic bottle and mix well. Now dilute the mixture by adding base oil. Just massage some of the obtained solutions on your body to gradually witness its unique wonders.

Massage oil 2: relieves leg and muscle fatigue

After a day of hard work or hard sports, it’s not bad to massage your legs and muscles to relieve their stiffness. Meanwhile, it is better to use vegetable oils. To make this massage oil, you need the following ingredients:

Sweet almond oil: 60 ml;

Tea tree oil: 12 drops;

Mint essential oil: 12 drops;

Pour the oil and essential oils into a dark bottle with a capacity of 120 ml. Shake well to mix all the ingredients. Now just massage your feet and fingers with this solution and return the energy to this organ.

Have clean and soft skin and hair with tea oil!

This natural oil works great for cleansing, purifying, and nourishing the skin. Also, among other properties of this product for the skin, the following are mentioned:

Alleviation of irritations;

slow aging;

powerful antioxidant effect;

improvement of skin pores;

restoring the beauty of the skin;

Improvement and removal of blemishes.

These characteristics make tea tree oil used in toners as a balancer for oily skin. In addition, you should know that for hair care products, this product is a strong disinfectant that kills lice.

Also, by creating sufficient moisture and strengthening blood circulation in the scalp, it strengthens hair growth and prevents the appearance of the scalp. So let’s take a big step for the health of these two beauty factors by getting to know some home solutions with the benefit of this oil.

Shampoo for oily hair

In this section, we want to explain how to make an effective shampoo for oily hair, which is hair food. But what are the necessary ingredients for this work?

Tea tree oil: 25 drops;

essential oil or basil oil: 15 drops;

grape seed oil: 2 tablespoons;

Shampoo base: 1 cup;

raw honey: 1/4 cup;

Vitamin E oil: 1 tablespoon.

Combine all ingredients in a dark glass container with a lid. Then close the lid of the container tightly and shake well to mix completely. You must keep the finished product in a cool place for use.

A combination for healing insect bites with tea oil

When you feel pain when touching the skin due to insect bites, wounds, or dryness, just use a solution that contains tea oil. In this case, the itching of the skin will improve. Of course, you must first prepare the raw materials, which include the following:

Tea tree oil: 1 tablespoon;

Propolis: 9 grams;

Olive oil: 1/3 cup.

To make this mixture, you must first fill a medium pot with 3 cups of water and put it on heat until the water is heated. Then, pour approximately 300 ml of olive oil and propolis into a glass container.

Now put the glass container in the pot so that the beeswax melts and is mixed with olive oil. Then remove the container and add tea oil. You can pour the mixture into metal containers and use them.


last word

In this article, we said that tea tree oil has compounds that fight against germs, viruses, infections, and pollution and destroy them. In addition, it helps to reduce pain and relieve wounds. Therefore, in addition to disinfection, it has many uses for the beauty of skin and hair. It also causes the blocked airways due to colds to open again and reduces the symptoms of the disease. Although the name of this product is the same as the drink or tea plant, it can be said that the only similarity is the name! Of course, both have many health benefits.

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